Our Future

RE/MAX Internacional

Today RE / MAX is present in five continents, in 99 countries, with about 101 thousand agents associated in more than 7 thousand agencies, responsible for more than 1.5 million annual transactions.

It all started in the U.S.A , in 1973, and David Liniger is one of those responsible for this reality, since he created a management model for the real estate area, based on a high-profit system, ensuring the client a service of excellence.

The system focuses on recruitment of the best professionals in the market, the creation of highly productive and motivated teams, ensuring the low turnover of agents, and thus providing the best service to clients.

RE/MAX Portugal

Since 2000 in Portugal, and in just two years, RE / MAX has become the largest real estate network.

After 15 years of growth, RE / MAX Portugal has more than 3,500 employees, most of them real estate consultants that are made up of more than 220 branches.

RE / MAX in Portugal was considered the best brand to work for the eighth consecutive year, according to the Exame / Accenture study among 100 companies.

Why RE / MAX

Our results reflect the true strength of our brand

“Being number one is very important for us because it shows that the motivation, commitment and way of working of the agents makes a difference. We compete with stores in 35 European countries, almost all of them bigger than ours, and we still manage to overcome them “, stresses Beatriz Rubio, CEO of RE / MAX Portugal.

Where are we going

Inovating, wherever there is land.

Expogroup, as a global company, is undoubtedly a company with many addresses. It could not be otherwise …

With twelve branches in Portugal, six in Italy, four in Spain, and represented all over the world, with several partnerships established with the best companies in the field. Represented in the main capitals of Europe, but also in Beijing, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Moscow, Cape Town, Kuala Lumpur … Think global and act local, leads the Expogroup to naturally understand markets for more cultural diversity and act more quickly and innovatively.

We go as far as we need looking for investors.