About Us

Expogroup is part of an alliance with the largest real estate network in the world, RE / MAX. This alliance began in 2001 with the public opening of its first space, RE / MAX EXPO. EXPOGROUP innovates in Portugal, Italy and Spain, approaching the business in a segmented way, to meet the our customer´s needs.

Currently in Portugal there are eight spaces: six classic agencies – specialized in the residential and commercial segment – and two agencies THE RE / MAX COLLECTION – specialized in the medium, high and luxury residential segment. There are 5 agencies in Spain and in Italy 7, all specialized in the residential  and commercial market.

EXPOGROUP is recognized internationally as one of the best groups of RE / MAX agencies in the world and a reference in the innovation and development of the real estate business.
Opening of the 1º Space, Re/Max Expo
Opening of the 2º Space, Re/Max Costa Do Sol – Estoril
Opening of the 3º Space, Re/Max Premium – Av. de Roma, Lisboa
Opening of the 4º Space, Re/Max Expo 2 – Olivais, Lisboa
Opening of the 5º Space, Re/Max Expo 3 – Parque do Rio, Lisboa
Agency Award #1 in Europe
Agency Award #1 in the World (Except U.S.A. / Canada)
Opening of the 6º Space, Re/Max Expo 5 – Algarve
Opening of the 7º Space, The Re/Max Collection – Av. da Liberdade, Lisboa
Opening of the 8º Space, The Re/Max Collection – Estoril
Agency Award #1 in Europe
Opening of the 9º Space, Re/Max Sun 1 – Algarve
Opening of the 10º Space, Re/Max Sun 2 – Algarve
Agency Award #1 in Europe
Opening of the 11º Space, Re/Max Sun 4 – Algarve
Opening of 6 Agencies in Milan, Italy – Expo 1, 2 ,3, 4, ExpoMaster, Expo 6 e Immobili E Stili
Opening of 4 Agencies in Madrid, Spain – ExpoEbre, ExpoUnión, ExpoAdvance, ExpoHogar, ExpoExeo